I don't understand why this happens

I have rules setup and working and then for some reason they just don't fire when they are supposed to. Other rules keep working. I can't figure out why this would happen. Anybody else have issues like this?

Is this the one that clicking Done again 'fixes' ?

So you are saying that I need to go back into the Rule and click Done again? I will try it.

I wonder if this is an issue because sometimes I will go into a Rule just to look at it and then just go back out. I wonder if I do that if I need to always press Done again.

My understanding is that unless you change the conditions or triggers of the rule selecting the <--app list button at the top of the page is an acceptable way to exit. You can do this even if you have modified the actions.

I’m now in the habit of always pressing ‘Done’

It would help if you could please share an example of a Rule that does not behave consistently. Sometimes the rules behave exactly as the user has configured them, it is just a misunderstanding of how some parts of RM work. For example, using Restrictions will cause behaviors that are not always expected by the user. RM is powerful and very capable...it is also not intuitively obvious about how some portions of it behave - :wink:


Here is one of the rules that seems to be inconsistent. The only thing that could be causing problems is the Modes. I have certain Rules and Alexa Routines that will set the mode for when we go to bed. If they don't fire then this will not work because of the mode not being right. But last night everything was fine (I get a push notification when the Good Night Routine runs). But this rule didn't run this morning. I can't figure out if there is a way to see when the Modes changed in HE?

Is the Mode Restriction truly required? I am not saying that it shouldn't work the way you have it written...it appears to be a relatively simple RM Trigger. It's just that it could be even simpler without the Mode Restriction being in place. If you can somehow show that without the Restriction it always works, but with the Restriction it sometimes works, then you might have stumbled upon a RM bug.

Of course, you also have to make certain that the "Tom's Light" device works 100% of the time. If the device is flakey, then the RM Trigger will appear to fail...