I don't understand how I have so many zwave issues with communication

I have an HE C7 and modest zwave network, about 17 devices, most of which are hard wired. They are spread out across the house, with the first device being about 10ft from the hub (light switch). I constantly have communication related issues such as

  • Simple automations not working (X light supposed to turn off at 9pm, does most nights but sometimes just doesn't)

  • Switch or Relay not responding at all anymore (clicking on it in a dashboard just hangs at "Sending..." indefinitely. Power cycling the device sometimes fixes it.

  • Dashboard will indicate a switch is OFF when I can clearly see that it is ON. If I send a refresh command it'll update correctly though.

I see all these people online with their lightning fast zwave networks and I have nothing but headaches. I've done the occasional network repairs and followed the tips HERE. I also make sure I have the latest HE and zwave drivers. Is there anything major that I could be doing wrong? Should I just nuke the entire network and start over? Just to reiterate, I've had everything working at one point or another, things just stop responding or work intermittently.

Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus devices?

How many repeaters are sprinkled about? Distance isn’t the only parameter. Walls, mirrors, etc., can affect signal path.


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Everything is zwave plus, all relatively new devices. At least half the devices are repeaters, scattered throughout the house.

Ok, then you should stop repairing and let the Z-Wave plus devices figure it out in the background. Give the mesh some time to heal. There isn’t a need to do network repairs with plus.

This network has been set up an unaltered for months.

Here is a perfect example. I just power-cycled my zooz multirelay that I have controlling the garage doors. I just activated it and my garage door opened as expected. I waited a couple minutes, and clicked it again to close the garage door, but now the dashboard is stuck at "Sending..." and the door isn't closing. Refresh isn't doing anything, and there is nothing out of the ordinary in the logs.

Ok, then it’s probably one of two things:

(1) a bad device, or
(2) a Z-Wave stack issue with the C-7. This will probably be fixed with the upcoming 2.2.4 firmware update “real soon now”.

Do you have any securely paired devices? 2.2.3 has S2 issues, expected to be fixed with 2.2.4. Until then, best to include with no security.

Sounds familiar. I have a ZEN16, never could get it to work reliably until I paired with no security.

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Thanks for the fast feedback. All my devices show either "None", "S0", or "S2 Unauthenticated". The Zooz ZEN16 is "S2 Unauthenticated". I've never been able to figure out how to pick the security method reliably.

S0 takes 3 times the bandwidth of S2, should only be used on access control devices (exterior doors and locks) where you have no choice. Should not be an issue with Z-Wave Plus, which can use S2 rather than S0.

I’d suggest trying your Zen16 with no security, then go back to S2 when 2.2.4 comes out in a few days.


From another thread:

OK, so I just factory reset the ZEN16 and removed it from devices. But now I can't get it to pair. The hub is fairly far from this device but there is a repeater nearby. I shouldn't need to get the hub near it right b/c zwave plus?

I had to put my hub on a long Ethernet cable & take it to the Zen16 to get it to pair. Shouldn’t have been necessary, but I couldn’t get it to pair otherwise.

i had to do my zen 16 nearer the hub.. i think it is trying to pair in its weird security mode even if you later uncheck it and uses beaming or somthing.. i paired closer to hub.. moved to final position and repaired.. I too could not get it to work reliabliy paired with security.

Also instead of trying to get it to pair. first try exclusion and make sure it works so you dont get stupid ghost devices.. I kept moving it slowly closer to hub and tried exclusion till i got it to work.. It was halfway to the hub..

also i am woried when you said you factory reset and removed from devices.. you mean you force removed it.. did you not do an exclude.. if so you are going to end up with a deadhanging device still in zwave details.

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I couldn't get it to exclude, so I factory reset it, then in the zwave details, clicked "remove". Is there an additional step I should do in this instance to avoid a "deadhanging device"?

Thanks all for the tips and encouragement. I've started switching everything relevant to no authentication and after moving the hub next to the zen16, got it to pair. Now I'm going to put the hub back and let the network repair/heal over night.


no thats fine.. just worried you simply reset like you stated and force removed the device in "devices" but forgot the remove step in zwave details since you didnt mention it..