I did it! I unplugged it!

Yeah .. I really does. I'll wait it out to make sure I don't notice anything not working, but I'm having a few issues with my setup that I'm working on with support. Strange behavior. That's what enticed me to unplug it. The need to eliminate unnecessary things will help to narrow down this odd behavior. - I just removed hub link

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True liberation comes when you delete the app, wait-both apps, and the 'Hub Offline' notifications cease.:grin:


This is my new year's resolution. By end of week. She'll be done. I do still have harmony integration, so I will maintain my account, but the hub is a goal of mine.

Welcome to the club. When you get the next "system down" email from ST it will feel even better.


That, my friend, already happened about 5 minutes after I unplugged it. I told my husband to uninstall the app. It's been a bit harassing. haha!

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Have you tried @ogiewon's latest and greatest.

[Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20230311

If not, don't add it till you get you current issues sorted out...but it works great for me.

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Mine came when I boxed up the hub and dropped it in the mail to it's new owner. Bye Felicia! :joy:



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Oh yes ... it's locked and loaded. Working just fine. But with the cookie coming from smartthings is what I meant, I'll still maintain my smartthings account.

Just when you thought you were comfortable, someone adds something that solves every problem you think you had with automation. haha! Load it. It works great!

[Edit] - it links to your smartthings account. Hence why i'll maintain my account, but not use it.

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Oh I know. That 'What" was more of an exclamation that you were using ST for Harmony. I'm using it!

Edit: Forgive me, I'm a little slow.

Oh yah no .. I think I prayed every day and searched every day until that came out. The code was still hot when I loaded it. Haven't turned back since. haha. Genius. Just Genius!

Not the new one! It's totally local, no ST or Harmony account needed :sunglasses:

what .... did I miss?

See link in @stephack post #8 :grin:

When ...? .... was this updated?

It's new as of a few days ago. The latest platform update enabled websockets capability on the HE hub, which allowed direct local connection to the Harmony hub. @ogiewon adapted the Home Assistant code for use on Hubitat.

Ok ... can you post the link to his github so that I can update it? I can't find it. This is outstanding.

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Parent Hub driver code (add first):

Child switch driver code (add second):

what is this language you speak?