I bit the bullet

What bulbs are these? Brand, model?

Don't forget to exclude the z-wave bulbs from the st hub first, unless you have a way to factory reset them

Zooz or Inovelli have a smart bulb mode and don't require neutrals.

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tnx will order a couple. hub came today. got 5 zigbee bulbs paired and the 2 repeaters , the nutone zwave refuse to pair when in the same room as the hub so will.order some innr bulbs and go all zigbee. hopefully hout the hue. more to follow tomorrow maybe

For bulbs I prefer Lifx.... Superior quality, color, and brightness.

If you haven't read this please give it a look, especially when it comes to the zigbee bulbs and devices.

did that. this is costing a bit more than expected but livable. probably aroumd $250 with the hub, 4 repeayer plugs, 8 zigbee bulbs and a zigbee wall switch my mesh will definitely be much more resiliant. gonna put my singled bulbs back in emergency storage if needes since they do not repeat or maybe in he back rooms with nothimg to repeat for.

many tnx to all in the group that have helped

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