I am so glad I went with Hubitat

Folks I am brand new but really liking this automation stuff. I just read about Hub Link and Link to Hub. I have a large home. That is the issue. I also understand the 4 hop maximum. Z wave plus helps and maybe the new Z wave 700 protocol should be very cool too. But the idea of another Hubitat elevations hub, say upstairs, linked with a power line Ethernet extender is really neat. Excited to keep learning!


Take a look at HubConnect: [RELEASE] HubConnect - Share Devices across Multiple Hubs (even SmartThings!)

It is a community app for linking Hubs and has more features.

I also think you’ve joined a good club, here. :+1:t2:

It takes a bit of learning, but it’s a pretty damn good device.


Just be warned there may be some frustrating days ahead as you get used to the details of the system. Pay particular attention to building your z-wave & zigbee networks making sure to start with devices closest to HE and radiating outwards also add repeaters where necessary especially with Zigbee. For Z-wave identify devices that act as repeaters (most powered ones do). Also with Z-Wave after installing a few devices run a repair. Keep your documentation (or references to) for your devices so you will know how pair/exclude as needed.

In terms of smart bulbs - Sengled seem to be the least problematic.

As far as rules etc - start with simple stuff and work up. Maybe make a plan of attack with a list of basic automations, get fancy later.

Info can be hard to locate and may be outdated because things are progressing so fast.

I've found the community here is great and can help with a lot of issues.

Yes definitely check out HubConnect!!!!