I added my ST as a secondary Z-Wave controller to HE and it works

I search but I did not find anything here, is this something new?

I just wanted to link the Neato app in some way with ST and HE but doing some test I found I can add ST as a secondary controller to HE. I had zero devices in ST, just Nest and Neato, now I have this and more:

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Not really.... all Controllers are supposed to be able to Join an existing network. Think Minimotes, etc. Those hand held secondary controllers were intended to be independent of the primary controller.

SmartThings has always said they make a lousy secondary controller... but I've never tried to find out why.

When I migrated to Hubitat almost a year ago, I had 4 Hubs Joined on one ZWave network/mesh. As you say, it works fine. I had SmartThings as Primary, with StaplesConnect (doing what Lutron SmartBridge Pro is doing today) and Wink and OpenRemote. Then I added a 5th, Hubitat. Eventually I got to the point where I wanted to power off the old hubs, especially Wink and StaplesConnect.

You'll find status devices (door window tilt sensors) don't always report properly in that secondary hub.

For most of us, "secondary hub" has a meaning in our heads that sits awfully close to "redundant." But for ZWave it couldn't be further from the truth. "Secondary" In ZWave language means almost nothing. A secondary controller gets a copy of the ZWave DB at that moment, and then never again!! (Without intervention.) As you add devices, you will not find them showing in ST.

Hub Link is a better solution. Other Hub is a better solution.

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Very true. I have to manually refresh my Z-Stick in ZenSys Tools I have paired as secondary to get updated device lists.


Junk, I thought it will be an expensive repeater, but per the z wave tool it reports as a end device/controller.....

By the way, I have a Samsung phone, for some reason the classic app doesn't want to work, what waste of time, it works fine in my job's iphone. At the same time, my internet is dropping today, this reminds me why I hate so much ST....

NUbee here, what is Hub Link?

This should help: