HVAC Rules

Hey All,

First off thanks to all of the developers out there putting drivers and apps out there for us non-programmers to use.

Ok now for my question.

I am trying to create a rule for my HVAC system (Honeywell TCC using the TCC driver).

Goal -

  1. Every morning I want to look at the forecast and if the forecasted (high) temp is < 45 set the thermostat "mode" to heat. If the forecased (high) is > 65 degrees set the "mode" to cooling.
  2. Same sequence but in the evening using the forecasted low temp.

So I am using the DarkSky app/driver to get the forecast weather and populating that into a variable %ForecastHighTemp% and %ForecastLowTemp%. My initial problem is that the low temp variable will populate but the high temp variable will not. When I manually run the rule I get a successful log entry but the value of the variable never changes.


app:3712019-10-09 04:26:56.318 pm (http:///installedapp/configure/371)Action: Set ForecastHighTemp to Outside Weather forecastHigh

app:3712019-10-09 04:25:12.270 pm (http:///installedapp/configure/371)Action: Set ForecastHighTemp to Outside Weather forecastHigh

--- Live Log Started, waiting for events ---

Thanks for any advice...

I didn't use a variable, I used weather, I have Openweather but shouldn't Darksky be similar? Here is what I did:

Oh, and the private boolean isn't needed for this rule, but I set it so I can reuse the logic in other rules. I initially used it as a test without the thermostat, but kept it instead of replacing with the t-stat.

You're also using Weather temp instead of the forecast temp, which is not the same thing.

@InTheCouve, can you show a screenshot of your rule?

Thanks for the response, I think I have it resolved. I went back and re-created the vars and didn't mess with them after I set the initial value and they seem to be working. I've been looking at the values each morning and they do seem to be changing based on the rule.