Hvac Automation

I would like to set a rule that when we go bed only between the times of 12am to 6am if temperature reaches a certain temperature to heat to cool the house. I do have a zwave thermostat. I don’t know where to start, should I use rule machine or thermostat schedule?

So to break this down most smart thermostats don't know you have gone to bed. So that takes the thermostat out of the picture for that event. So this leaves a couple of options.

Depending on the thermostat you may have you have options for "comfort profiles" like Home/Away/Sleep/Vacation. I would say levarge that feature for the set points of temperature.

Now you need to determine how you will indicate you have gone to bed. Some folks use a virtual switch assuming you do that it's now your trigger to tell the thermostat to use the "Sleep" profiles in the thermostat.

Now the next step is to identify awake which would be turning off the virtual switch and then setting the thermostat to "Home".

There are many ways to do this so take the above is just one approach.