Hunter ceiling fan remote

Ok I finally got this thing setup. I ordered a Bond and it took forever to get here but finally I got it and set it up. I set it up with the hunter fan remote it found a similar remote and I used that which worked just fine. Then I wired the light on the fan to bypass the Hunter box. It uses its own controller to dim the light but I wanted to use a wall dimmer so I bypassed the harness and connected the lights to the hot and neutral coming from my switch no problem.

For the fan speed the fan has a DC motor I found when I took thing apart to wire the lights in. I linked the Bond with the fan, all went well. Then I hardwired the fan so power is always on with the fan and the remote will control it.

I have a Leviton fan controller in the wall with the load connected to nothing, power to the hot and neutral like normal. I went in rule machine and setup some rules. If the switch is off turn the fan off, if on high then set fan speed to high, etc. The Leviton is 4 speed but the fan is 3 speed. So I just duplicated the low to set low. If you set the speed control to spot 1 or 2 it sets speed to low, spot 3 medium, spot 4 high.

Done and it works now. A bit overkill but the wall switch works like normal and the fan works correctly.

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Congrats, sounds like you went just the right amount of over the top - the amount. You wanted. ;-}

The only issue I have found recently is that if the internet goes out the bond freaks out and goes into setup mode. Even if the wifi is still present in the house but the internet goes away the bond goes to setup mode. So I am currently researching getting a smart outlet so if there is a loss of internet I can reboot the stupid thing...

I've never experienced that, at least it's never come to my attention when the internet has been down. Maybe I'm too involved in other stuff. So you have to restart it to recover?

Me either but my Bond bridge is on a UPS so it doesn't happen very often. I have powered it down a few times, With no adverse effects. I powered it down just yesterday and it came back up with no issues.

I think @gregh2000 's issue is more about how the Bond reacts to losing internet access while still on, rather than the Bond's behaviour after being rebooted.

I had read the OP earlier in the day and then saw your comment and thought I would reiterate I had not seen it either. I thought I remembered it being about power but you're right it was internet. That actually happens more often to mine than losing power and I have never had an a issue.

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Yeah the Bond will have power but if the internet goes down, local LAN is up and Hubitat is up the Bond freaks out and goes into setup mode. I found this out when I recently upgraded my xfinity service they sent me out a new modem and activated it at the same time they shipped it. This disabled my current modem so I had to call in and get my service back but during that time the Bond went into setup mode, the lights turned back on where I had them off before and the setup wifi network came back.

When I got my new modem and had to call in to activate it because they had to delete the auto activation it took like 20 min the Bond did it again it went back to setup mode and I had to just unplug it and plug back in to get it to go back to normal.

When I was on the phone activating the new modem I noticed my phone was connected to wifi and I was like what in the world wifi is this connected to my entire network is powered down right now. I looked and it was on the Bond setup wifi. So I wonder if there is some setting that prevents this or maybe I needed to lock out the thing so it doesn't try to setup itself if it can't phone home. The whole point of it working on the LAN is so that it works without the cloud as well I thought... but I guess maybe not?

I'd drop into the Bond forum and post a question - this definitely sounds weird, and I've never experienced it that I'm aware of. We've had a coupld internet outages a while back and did not see any issues w/Bond.

Maybe I don't have something setup correctly either, I got it working and linked to the Hubitat and then just let it be. I don't see anything in the settings like "just chill if the internet goes out" or anything like that. LOL

All it takes is a reboot and it works again, the internet doesn't go out often and I have UPS's for everything but taking the modem out while keeping the LAN up was a different way to test things.

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