Humidity Sensor for Basement

What humidity sensor would people recommend for a basement? I would like it to turn on an outlet which then turns on my dehumidifier based on the the RH. Just wanted to see what people would recommend. Thanks!

If you don't need "frequent" (more than 5 min updates) the Zooz 4-in-1 is a good choice and is relatively inexpensive.

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I'm using the Xiaomi ones.
Cheap and seem to work well for me.
You will need a custom Device Handler for it.


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Thanks guys! I see right around the same price range is a Centralite device. Anyone have experience with that? I have a few of their outlets and they work great. Tempted to stick with that brand, as long as there is a handler for it.

The centralite sensors are solid, being zigbee even if we don't have a fingerprint for the 3 series they will work with the generic hunidity sensor. Also the NYCE motion sensors have responsive hunidity detection as well.
Ha, seems we never published a zigbee temp humidity driver, we'll sort that out.

Thank you! I'll likely go that route then.


you did :smile: The driver for Smartthings Humidity sensor works perfectly.

I have a Centralite and Zooz 4-1 in my basement (to drive dehumidifier). Centralite is by far better if you want any consistency in the sensor readings.


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