Hue weirdness

Ok, so I'm having a random, weird issue with some of my Hue bulbs that I can't explain. Wondering if someone would have any thoughts on this...

First off, I have a Hue hub and all of my Hue bulbs/light strips are paired with the Hue hub. I am using the built in Hue integration app with Hubitat. My Hubitat controls everything - I do not use the Hue app pretty much ever (just to check for software updates, etc.), and I have no routines or anything defined on it.

I have a rule in Hubitat that turns on a lamp in my living room (a Hue bulb) @ 7am if sunrise is after 6:45am on that day. It turns the bulb on, and then sets the hue to 60 and the saturation to 5. Most of the time, this rule works perfectly and I don't think about it. But occasionally (like today) I will come downstairs to find the bulb on a color that it should not be. Today it was purple. Here is the log entry:

You can see there the bulb is turned on at the right time, and set to the right color. But then 2 min 57 sec later (a seemingly random time interval), the color is changed to a hue of 74 and a saturation of 95. Coincidentally, this is the exact same color that the bulb was at when it was turned off the previous night.

Before anyone says anything - no, I do not have any other rules running at that time for this device that would do something like that, and as I started earlier...most days this rule runs perfectly. I have also had this same exact thing happen to some of my other Hue devices (other bulbs and light strips) seemingly at random. But ONLY the Hue devices. I have a few other non-Hue bulbs and light strips connected directly to the Hubitat that have never behaved like this.

What would cause something like this?

I have 10 Hue bulbs integrated via the Hubitat built-in Hue Bridge integration and have never had this happen. Thus, I am curious if you have explored all of the potential possibilities of what else might be controlling these bulbs?

You mention that you do not have any other automations on the Hubitat hub that might be causing thus. My question then to you is, what changed the bulb color the night before? Was that something from the Hue App, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc??? Something else changed those bulbs to Hue:75 and Sat:95 the night before, right? If so, perhaps whatever that was is somehow being triggered again? Just a guess... :thinking:

Yes, I have a Hubitat rule that runs @ 11pm and changes that bulb to that hue/saturation value if the bulb is on (last night it was). I checked, and the rule that changed the color of that bulb to purple was not triggered at any other time... :thinking:

Please post a screenshot of that rule so we can review it.

I have similar things happening and it first started when I got a new car and I suspected the car was scanning for the key fob but I'm none to sure

Of which rule? The one that turns the bulb purple at night?

I don't think that one is to blame, as that rule controls more bulbs than just the one in question. Technically, if this rule had run this morning then another lamp in my living room should also have been purple...but it was not.

Anyway, here it is:

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Do you have the hue integrated with other systems, such as Alexa, Google home, harmony, etc.?

My Hue devices are exposed to Alexa via the Amazon Echo Skill app through the Hubitat. That's all. No one was awake/talking to Alexa this morning at the time the bulb turned to the previous color that it was last night.

Just to completely rule out any possibility of the rule you shared above having been fired, can you please take a look at your hub’s System Events and make sure the Mode did not somehow change this morning?

It’ll look something like the following...

I saw a post recently where someone discovered that the "Alexa Hunches" feature was causing their lights to turn on (or off; I don't remember) at unexpected times without them doing anything to explicitly cause it. They were using the "native" Hue integration, but I'd assume the same could happen with any device, including those exposed via Hubitat. Just one thing I'd check.

The other would be the "In use by" section on the device page. I know you said these are the only things using the device, but I'd check there just to be sure. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was just about to post this same thing. If hunches are enabled in alexa, it will set lighting it thinks you want based on time of day or its idea of whether you are home/away.

Interesting. I had no idea about Alexa Hunches. It was enabled in my Alexa app. I just disabled them. I'll monitor from here on out. This seems like a very new feature though, and I feel like this weirdness has been happening since before Hunches was rolled out, but I can't remember for sure.

The other fun thing with hunches is that it can be activated by voice and sometimes alexa will offer to set it up automatically when someone uses alexa.