Hue, Smart Things Motion Sensor (And other things)- "stuck"

I've migrated one of my hue motion sensor too test hubitat along with a zwave fibaro swtich and hue.

The hue motion sensor will work for about an hour and then get 'stuck' on the last motion status. In my case 'motion'. The only way to recover from this seems to be to remove and re/add the device.

I tried changing the ZigBee channel to see if that was an issue, but same problem

Any ideas?



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I find with motion sensors if they suddenly stop reporting correctly or reliably, it’s usually the batteries


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So the plot thickens...

After a restart of the hub and a few hours later, things started working again, then stopped. But its multiple devices..

  1. Hue Motion Sensor - stopped reporting motion
  2. Latest gen Smart Things motion sensor stopped reporting status
  3. A hue group stopped reporting status (but still allows on/off commands)
  4. A zwave fibaro relay(powered) stopped reporting status (but still allows on/off)

These are all part of simple motion rule ( I guess my next step is to delete the rule and see if the problem still occurs).

EDIT: Having checked its also impacting all hue devices, including those outside of the motion rule (no status updating but accepting on/off command).

EDIT 2: Rebooting the hub seems to correct things, I suspect that in a few hours things will become "stuck again" as I've temporarily fixed previously by rebooting.

Any ideas?


Hmmm. I just had an issue with my Ikea Tradfri lights suddenly not working - they turned on using Motion Lighting Apps, but they never turned off after the 1 minute delay I set. They stopped responding to commands. Power cycling the bulbs didn't work. They were stuck and stopped reporting. Refresh didn't work.

My other zigbee sensors (Philips Hue motion sensors and xiaomi door sensors) seem fine though. I had to reboot the Hubitat to get the bulbs back.

I have no idea why they stopped working. I wish there was more debugging of the app I could enable - I would like to know if the Motion Lighting App itself got stuck and preventing manual control (through the Devices List) of the bulbs?

I raised with support and heard from @bobbyD that the issue is with engineering to investigate. Unfortunately, I’ve not heard anything further. For now, I’m going to need to revert migrated devices back to smartthings until a fix is released. Scanning the forum it seems there are a number of people reporting similar issues - so hopefully a fix will be released soon. Part of the course of being an early adopter - fingers crossed for a quick resolution.


I'm experiencing similar issues. Motion sensors not registering and iris 4 button fob not working. Reset the hub and everything is good again. I've rebooted twice today.

Glad I found this thread. I have one Iris motion sensor that keeps getting stuck on motion. I've removed and re-added it a few times. Guess its not a bad sensor after all.

Strangely, my issue seemed to have resolved itself after a few days of just doing nothing and everything is working very reliably now

same with me