Hue random channel change?

anyone seen the hue hub randomly change channels on its own, or am i going crazy..
was having an issue where one light would randomly drop off /unreacheable on the hue.. tried new bulb.. same ..

then i noticed it was on channel 15.. (hubitat is on 20)

could have swore i previously had it on channel 11. as my 2.4g wifi is on 5 with extension channel low and that seems to interfere with zigbee 15 that the hue hub was on..

changing it back to 11 has alleviated my issues.

Once, before I had my Hue bridge on a UPS, It changed channels after a power outage. I guess it thinks it knows what the "optimal" channel is.

BTW, doesn't it suck that you can no longer directly choose the channel? Instead, you have to cycle through them.


You might want to get a WiFi scanner for your smartphone. I use an Android phone and like WiFIMan, but there will be alternatives for iPhone as well.

These programs show all of the WiFi connections (both 2.4 and 5 gHz) that your phone can receive and the relative signal strength of each. Of course, for Zigbee interference, you are only concerned about 2.4 gHz. I have a router and an access point in my home, so I am using two primary channels. Those are the only two strong signals I pick up. I can see signals from a number of neighbors, but I live in a single family home, so these neighbors are not close enough or strong enough to become a problem.

If you live in an apartment or condo complex, neighboring signals might cause interference. The WiFI scanner will tell you which if any signals are strong enough to cause havoc with your signals.