Hue Outdoor PIR motion avail Feb 2019


I'd like to get this sensor, but I don't want to purchase unless I can adjust sensitivity. I don't want to buy the hue hub to do it...


confirmed, the outdoor sensor at least supports five values, 0..4 (low to high)


Interesting, wonder if that's a recent change .... pretty sure the Hue App used to only show 3 levels low / default / high for both my indoor and outdoor motions, as opposed to a slider (shown a few posts above and seems to tie in with your mentioning of 0 - 4 values now)


The app shows 3 values for the indoor, and a slider for the outdoor.
I confirmed the indoor only accepts 0, 1 and 2 for motion sensitivity.

Platform 2.1.0 will have an update to this driver which will include motion sensitivity and Lux reporting preference settings.
The sensitivity options displayed are based on the model of the device as displayed in the data section.


I thought you had mentioned no driver updates in the next release, so I didn't have hope's to see it in 2.1.0. Way to go!


Thay wouldnt work anyway, those settings get wiped out when the device is removed.


I reserve the right to change my mind!, in the end sometimes I need a simple little job to bang out after working on tedious stuff all day long...


Just got mine today. Love it. Only using it for lux right now, but it's working perfectly so far!

Looking forward to 2.1.0.



I may get one soon.

I have outdoor lighting to finish up in the back yard first.


cough Schlage Locks cough


You mentioned these on another post and its the reason I picked up two of them. I have them and they were an excellent compliment to the HomeSeer HS-FLS100+ outdoor motion detectors. They (obviously) do a much better job with LUX, which helps me control when those lights turn on by motion, but they also fill in the gaps for motion, too, which is great!


Does anyone happen to know what sensitivity level they default to when using with HE? After a week of having them outside, it appears they are on the highest setting, at lease I hope they are as they send many 'false' reports of motion from a sunny high noon to early evening. It will be nice to be able to adjust that.


The did a firmware for the outdoor sensor, too:


the outdoor sensor defaults to 2, which for this device is medium, right in the middle.
Sun, clouds, shadows reflections from trucks and headlights at night are always going to be issues for any outdoor motion sensor...
Lowering the sensitivity may help, but probably won't completely eliminate this issue.

The two of these that I have covering my driveway are on the lowest setting, which has helped quite a bit.


I take it yours are on the hue hub? If not, I'm assuming you are running on your newer driver to lower it in HE? I have mine at about 7 feet up, but they are on fence posts to help augment locations I'm covering with FLS100+'s. I'm wondering if putting them under overhangs would help with the sun issues until I can lower the sensitivity.


well yes, I'm running the newer driver since I wrote the puppy, we do try to actually use the devices and drivers we support LOL

It might, outdoor motion sensor placement is a trial and error situation...


Any chance that newer driver could include an adjustable Lux retrigger say every minute maybe 5 minutes instead of the current 5 seconds it seems the current one has, to free up some of the chatter?



I didn't mess with the reporting intervals (5 minutes), however the driver does have a threshold setting now...


Awesome, that would be just as good, similar result.....Thanks!


I figured as much and am quite thankful you do use it!

Seems like yours may be located lower, but yeah, I understand the trial and error on motion. I have to say, the FLS100+s, although not the best for quality illuminate reporting, they sure are resistant to sunlight for motion.