Hue Outdoor PIR motion avail Feb 2019


Is this supported on the Hue bridge?, and if so which version...


They mention it in the description of the device. I will unpair it from HE and pair it to my Hue to verify. Will get back to you on this. The outdoor motion model number detected in HE is SML002. Model number on the device itself is 9290019758. I will check my Hue version and report back the version when I verify the feature. Thanks!


Yeah, I have 4 of these sensors, but a hue V1 bridge.
If you can confirm that there is indeed a working sensitivity setting in the hue app, I'll be able to add it to the driver.
When I re-worked the driver in 2.0.9 I didn't find any settings within the device for sensitivity, just a motion retrigger interval setting, which was added to the driver.


Just paired with the hue hub and verified that their is a sensitivity setting in the hue app. The hue hub shows 2.1 on the back, the software shows it's model is BSB002. Version 1931140050.


is your hub round? or square...
and does the sensitivity setting work?




I have it paired with my Hue Square Bridge and yes the Sensitivity Works..


Yes I turned it up high and it immediately detected motion, then set it to low and it hasn't triggered yet, except when I tested that walking in front of it would still trigger.



Thanks for posting the pics


Thanks for the info, when the V2 bridge shows up I'll do some sniffing and get this sorted!


Thanks Mike, it really is refreshing moving to the HE platform and having the dev's be so involved with the community.


I give @mike.maxwell 5 carrots for the support and the device recommendation of this device.


Super excited about these! I was just about to order them and needed help with a question.

I currently have no Hue devices and only need several outdoor PIR sensors, I have tried using indoor devices mounted under eaves etc.. and even with putting them in groups I get too many false positives. Thus my interest.

I understand these will connect directly to HE; however, in reading reviews on them, I understand that a recent firmware update made them function much more reliably, thus my question..

So I assume to update the firmware I will also need to buy the hue hub, pair them all to that first, then unpair of them and put them directly on HE. if there are further updates I would have to do the same which seems kind of a pain.

is my assumption correct??

Is there a better alternative??

Thanks for any feedback!


Reliability issues?, I'm not aware of any reliability issues specific to the device, please provide a specific link to the source of this information...

Device firmware updates are a pain, yeah.
You will not find any home automation hub that is capable of providing device firmware updates for every product out there, this isn't a specific Hubitat issue.

The only generalization you might be able to draw, is that hub/bridge vendors may provide firmware updates for their own branded devices.


I think what sven may have been refferring to is the firmware update for the outdoor motion sensor in the Hue app mentioned that it resolved a reliability issue.


It was a comment made by a reviewer on the Amazon Product page on March 12, 2019 stating:

"Update 03-14-19

The firmware update fixed the light sensitivity issue. So, now the light sensor reports the right values. However, the sensitivity problem remains in that it picks up people walking on the sidewalk and cars moving on the street at the lowest setting. But on the whole, the product works much better with the firmware update now."

So it seems they may be doing updates??? Makes things more complicated to implement... and since I am not familiar with how the Hue app works, I am not even sure how the firmware updates are applied..


Hue put out an update for some of the bulbs several months ago, if I recall there was a notice someplace in the app for qualifying devices whereby one needed to opt in to have the update applied to each specific device.


I don't use my Hue motions on HE at the moment, but I did have a proof of concept for changing the motion sensitivity, it should be something like this:

input name: "motionSetting", type: "enum", title: "Motion Sensitivity", options: [0: "default", 1: "high", 2: "max"], defaultValue: 2, required: true

zigbee.readAttribute(zigbee.OCCUPANCY_SENSING_CLUSTER, 0x0030, [mfgCode: "0x100b"])
zigbee.writeAttribute(zigbee.OCCUPANCY_SENSING_CLUSTER, 0x0030, DataType.UINT8, motionSetting.toInteger(), [mfgCode: "0x100b"])


@mike.maxwell hey Mike. If you do look into adding sensitivity for the Hue outdoor sensor, any chance it would work for indoor sensors too being as they use the same driver?