Hue motion sensor (stays active)- Fixed

I just purchased a Hue Motion sensor used online I paired to my HE, but sensor always reports active and stays active. I have a hue Phillips hub and when I paired to the Phillips hub works fine. Do I have to use a different driver? Thanks !

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The “Hue Motion Sensor” driver should work. Try hitting “configure” on the device page and see if that fixes it. Otherwise it could be an issue with the signal/mesh, especially if you see a red light on the sensor when it detects motion.


Thanks for promptly reply. I did the "configure" and nothing. How I know if I have a sig/mesh issue? How I fix it? Thanks

You can try resetting the motion sensor again (push button until the orange light starts flashing), and rejoining it close to the hub. See if you can see state change on the device page.
If that doesn’t work, post the Zigbee devices you have connected to the hub.

That was it! Thanks !

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