Hue Motion Sensor Not Working

My mother inlay is 92, and just had a stroke. I had setup (2) Hue Motion sensors, and running 2 Kasa plugs. SO when she gets out of bed, the Hue motion sensor fires, and triggers two lights to wake up the person staying over night with her. It seems to work once setup or a while, and then does not work. So I don't know if it is detecting motion, or the Kasa plugs are not working. Like I said, it is hit and miss. Sometimes works, and sometimes no. Not consistent. Anyones help would be appreciated. Even maybe suggest a sensor that would work without issues.

Have you looked at the events to see if the Hue motion sensors are going active/inactive at the times she gets out of bed?
That would be the first place to look.
If they are then move to the Kasa devices to see if they are reacting to the motion via your rules.

What is your logging saying?
With the logs you should be able to pinpoint if the issue is with the sensors or the plugs

Thank you, I will take a look at the logs. Just upsetting, as it seems to work, then you leave, and nothing works. Wish there was a more reliable way to determine she is out of bed.

I thought it might be too dark in the room, so I added night lights. So when she gets out of bed the night light triggers, but the Hue sensor does not, or is random. I thought the light might help it trigger the motion sensor. I then added another Hue sensor (both brand new) and that worked for a day, then did not work the next day..

I am also NOT using a Hue Hub, maybe this is my issue?

I have a Hue motion sensor under the bed. So it only triggers when I actualy get out of bed, en will not trigger when I shift position in my bed.
So far, the Hue sensors have been rock steady in my case.
Oh, and my sensors are connected to the HE, en not the Hue hub.

Hue motion sensors running on Hubitat are reliable.
Start with the motion sensor logs, make sure the sensor is working first.

Ok, thank you. If I turn the plugs on and off manually, then everything works again. I think I will switch to WEMO plugs, maybe they will work better.

What are the logs showing?
Are the motion sensors working ok?
I'm not sure you answered the question.

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Aren't kasa and wemo both wifi? Why not go with zigbee or z-wave?

Hue is Zigbee, Wemo is wifi

And kasa is wifi too?

So I swapped out the Kasa plugs with the WEMO plugs, and the motion worked flawlessly all night last night. I Will see if it works again tonight. It seemed like the Kasa plugs did not reset themselves.

So from this we have to assume there is nothing wrong with the motion sensors.
The logs show them reporting OK active/inactive.

Yes, they (2) Hue Motion sensors seem to be working ok. I find you might have to wait a minute before you can trigger them again, but they do not seem to be the issue. I have had the same with Kasa plugs, but then the next day they do not work. So will see what happens tonight with the WEMO, and if there are no issues with them