Hue Motion Sensor blinks red when active?

I got my first Hue Indoor Motion Sensor yesterday, and so far everything seems great. I paired it directly to Hubitat, and it was detected and paired right away without issue. Everything seems to be working, but the LED blinks red every time it detects motion. The manual suggests that a long red blink indicates that the sensor cannot reach the bridge? It seems like it’s working fine; I see the active and inactive events during on the device info page. Is there anything I can do about that? I plan to use this in the bedroom, but my wife will never allow it if it blinks every time we move in the middle of the night.

It seems like a long blink, rather than a short blink, which the manual says would mean the battery was dead. But it’s brand new and the battery reports as 100% on the Hubitat device page.

I found an older post in the forums where Hubitat was sending the right info back to the device in older firmware, but it suggested that it was fixed in 2.0.8

Any ideas?

The only time my hue motion sensors blink red is when they are having trouble reaching the hub. Does it do this when you place it close to your hub? Do you have enough repeaters? Have you tried hitting “configure” on the device page? Also, there was a firmware update for these that can be installed via Hubitat.

I have tried hitting “configure” and “refresh” on the device page, and neither seemed to have any effect.

I have several Zigbee door sensors nearby that have no trouble communicating with the hub, although they are located higher than the motion sensor currently is. I’ll try moving it around to see if that has any impact.

I did notice that there is an “Update Firmware” button on the device page, but I didn’t know what it would do, so I haven’t pressed it yet. Is that the correct process for updating the firmware, or is there something else I need to do?

if the sensor blinks red when it detects motion then the sensor is not receiving an acknowledgement from the hub that the motion event was received, that being said there's little hope that a firmware update will succeed as this requires much better communication between the hub and sensor than what you currently have.

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I moved it right next to the hub and it is still blinking on motion, but I’ll give it some time to settle in. I tried the firmware update, but I’m getting the following:

pull the battery on it, then see if it continues.
if it continues, then factory reset then re include it.

like i told you, untill the blink on motion goes away, a firmware update will likely fail.

I think the only time a Hue Motion Sensor blinks red is when it senses motion but can’t communicate with the hub, or when the batteries are bad.

It seemed to be happier being closer to the hub. Fewer blinking red lights, but not completely eliminated. The firmware update gave me the same error message, so I pulled the batteries, but no improvement there. So I did the factory reset and placed it right next to the hub again. No blinking red light so far, although the firmware update still gives me the same error message.

to be honest, i wouldn't sweat the firmware, I've run older and newer firmware and didn't have issues with either.

Sounds good. Thank you all for the advice! I’ve moved it back to its original location now (along with adding a nearby repeater), and it’s working so far. Huzzah!

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After a full day of testing, I’ve seen no more blinking red light. Thanks again everyone!