Hue Lights - Tracing Reason For Lights On

Hi all
Just wondering if anyone might be able to help. When I go home in the evening all Hue lights come on. I’ve tried tracing why they come on but been unsuccessful in finding the route cause. ST logs don’t show why the lights come on. And I can’t see anything in HE logs as to why. I’ve checked all other potential integrations and can’t see why (nothing in Hue app as I don’t have any Automations running there, no Automations in Apple Home, nothing from Nest, nothing in Alexa etc etc). The only thing I can see in HE is the following:

Lights never used to come on when using ST before my eyes opened to the wonders of HE.

Have you got anything set in mode manager for presence arrival? as something else to check.
What is shown in your logs when you arrive home? you should be able to see in past logs.

@deanturner39 thanks. Log files aren’t showing anything for the individual lights. Also can’t see anything relevant in any HE log or event. Mode manager is:

I also have a rule to turn on virtual automation switches when I get home but no lights are triggered:

Automation switches just enable/disable rules from running when there’s motion to turn on lights for example: