Hue integration flaky lately?

Has anyone else noticed the Hue Integration being flaky lately? By flaky I mean not all lights in a rule turning on or , not all colors correct, etc. When using either motion lighting or RM I'm seeing sporadic results yet when I go into the Hue app everything works perfectly every time.


Actually, I've had two instances of that recently. I have two Hue bulbs in lamsp on the bedroom nightstands, and a couple days ago one didn't turn on when I ran my "good night" automation, and last night the other didn't turn on.

They have typically been rock solid. I re-ran device discovery in the Hue app and nothing changed. Nothing Zigbee related in Hub events at that time. Will see tonight how things go.

It seems to be happening to me daily, 80% of the time. For example I have a rule that turns on 4 hue lights in my bedroom 100% "daylight" during the day when I walk in. I just walked in a bit ago and 2 came up as desired, 1 came up 50% warm white and 1 just stayed off. Yet I pull out my phone, open up the Hue app and choose "Energize" for the lights and all 4 do exactly what I wanted.

And when I left the room only 2 turned off.

And just now I hit my Pico switch to bring up my living room Hue lights to 100%. Only one even came on.

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Are you using the native or cocohue integration? (I recommend cocohue) It's always been solid for me.

Native, which has been rock solid for me for years.

Same, only ever used native Hue integration, have no memory of it ever not working flawlessly.

I've noticed that the Hue app is showing various bulbs as "unreachable" a lot more frequently as of late. Not sure if that's what's causing the issue for others, but it's been random as to which bulbs are unreachable at any given point. They usually pop back in a few minutes or so, but since it's been happening more lately, it's easier to catch. Not sure if an update pushed out or what. So, it may not be the integration, at least in my case.

If you upgraded to a C8 hub and left the Zigbee power at the default of 16 it could be causing some extra interference with Hue if the channels are close together.

Still on C-7. No compelling reason to upgrade yet.

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My C8's are on channels 20 and 25, Hue is on 15.

I have a theory that I'll be testing today. All of the Hue lights that are "misbehaving" are part of a group setup via "groups and scenes". I've changed my rules to address the lights individually instead of via the group. I'll see what that does.

I've had issues with Hue since the day I got it. I was gifted about a dozen bulbs, and hearing about not being a good idea to pair directly I bought a bridge.

The built in integration was the worst. I've had pretty good luck with the Advanced hue integration, but I still get missed automations, bulbs not turning on or off from time to time.

I don't feel it's a zigbee interference issue, as they are 100% reliable from the hue essentials app. It's only when controling them via Hubitat.

I recall seing something from @Bertabcd1234 or maybe @armand about Hue moving to a new API in the future. Maybe that'll help..

CoCoHue can already use the new API as an option you have to enable. I think possibly the “Advanced Hue” also can use it but not sure.

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Thanks for this reminder...Hue and hub were both on 20, had forgotten to adjust Hue channel after setting up the C8. Moved Hue to 15 this AM, so now I'm:
C8: 20
C7: 25
Hue: 15

Hopefully that will resolve the flakiness I've been seeing lately...


I don’t do V2 for commanding events, because there a many limitations that change how you command things. Groups are no longer a think that can control the mood of the room/zone in that for a group, I can no longer set the color. Instead Iuat find all the lights in that group, and send them all the new color(s).

Yeah, this didn't work out well. It may have been even flakier not using the groups. Something is definitely up with the Hue Integration.

I took the time and moved over to CoCoHue last night. So far so good.


Back to confirm that since I changed my Hue hub's Zigbee channel, the Hue bulb that wasn't turning on when it should has been behaving normally again. Seems to have resolved my issue.

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Just to update, not a single issue with CoCoHue in the week since I've switched. Someone may want to look into the native hue integration.

CocoHue for me on a dedicated C7 Hubitat. Runs 12 hubs great, No issues. With Cocohue I can set the scenes on my panels, and I can cross multiple hue hubs with a single command.

And if any of you are hating the problem of multiple email accounts to control multiple hue hubs, try Twingate, network chuck on youtube did a great install video, put mine on a Linux server and now I can easily connect to multiple hubs on multiple properties without any issues, it's as if I was local.

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