Hue + Hubitat

Do Hue devices and hubs extend zigbee signal/mesh for non-hue equipment in Hubitat’s network, or only if connected to HE directly?

Are you asking if devices connected to a hue hub will extend the HE zigbee mesh?

Only if directly connected. The Hue and HE will establish two different meshes.


Devices on the Phillip's Hue Bridge will be a separate zigbee mesh from devices connected directly to your HE hub. I would recommend keeping the Hue Bulbs on the Hue Bridge as they work well together.

Beat by @lairdknox.


Yes, thank you, that’s what I was asking. There are some wireless protocols that allow “guest” traffic to piggyback, wasn’t sure if zigbee was one of them.

There's no reason that you can't run two mesh networks. In fact, I'm running all my Zigbee bulbs on a dedicated HE hub. You just have to make sure each network is strong so that might require extra repeaters.

When/if we ever build some ADUs I’ll likely but a second hub out there

Has HUE always worked with HE without the bridge. I remember, when switching over to HE, being instructed that this would not work, that the bridge was required????