Hue Hub/connected device and Dashboard

Good morning or afternoon depending on where you are. So, Im new to using my Hubitat hub after giving Wink the boot due to their systems being down forever! And I'm slowly getting use to my new Hubitat Hub and I do like it so far. But Im having issues adding my Hue devices to the Dashboard, I've successfully added my Hue Hub and all the devices that are connected to the Hue hub. All my devices for my Hue are listed under devices and they all can be controlled from the device list. But when I go to the Apps and select Hubitat dash board and try to add all of my Hue devices to the dashboard they are not listed To Choose Device only my non-Hue devices are showing. Can I please get some advice on how to also add my Phillips Hue device to the dashboard?

Welcome! Wink survivor here also. Apologies if you've already done this... you need to explicitly give dashboards access to devices before you can add them to a dashboard. If you've done that and they still don't appear we'll have to dig further.

Thank you Brad5. But yes!! The issues is that when I go to the Hubitat Dashboard Config screen my Phillips Hue devices is not showing in the list to choose

OK... that is odd. I have to admit I have not seen that before. I assume all your other non-Hue devices show up? Are you using the stock Hue integration or CoCoHue?

This is just a guess, but I wonder if database corruption might be the problem, particularly if your hub has shut down unexpectedly, like a sudden loss of power.

Yes, Im using the Hue integration and I am able to control all Hue devices from the Device list but they are not appearing in the Select a device option in the Dashboard config page. Only all non-hue devices are appearing

Just to be extra clear, does this "config page" look exactly like the screenshots above? That is where you need to be, but there are two places that let you "select devices" in Dashboard--the above, accesible under Apps on the hub, and the Dashboard itself when you're adding or modifying tiles. The latter won't show these devices unless they were authorized by the former.

If that is where you're looking and they still aren't there, maybe try a reboot. Make sure to do this from Settings > Reboot Hub whenever you can, not just pulling power. This may help if it's a cache issue or something. A soft reset and restore, as above, may also help if you have database corruption, and it's not too difficult, but this is even easier. :slight_smile:

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