Hue Dimmer

Just got a couple of the hue dimmer v2s. Everything seems to be working pretty well, but no matter what I do it won't recognize buttons being held. Is that just the current drivers? Or am I doing something wrong?

If it is similar to the original (which it should be) hold should only work for the dim buttons (ie the 2 inner ones).

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If @rocketwiz is correct, I have some of the v1's paired with a Conbee2 USB stick on a Raspberrry Pi, using a Community developed integration with the DeCONZ software that manages the Zigbee devices paired with the Conbee2. This allows me to use long holds of the off button, which I had used previously on the Hue bridge to turn lights off in adjoining rooms.

If you have a Hue bridge there may also be a few options available down the track, but not right now.

I checked the button status on the device page using the HE native drivers - unfortunately hold doesn't register on the on/off buttons. Z2M does however allow for on/off button hold (according to the z2m wiki)

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