Hue Dimmer keeps disconnecting with built in driver


I've left my dimmers sat next to the Hubitat hub, and next to repeaters, and they still loose the connection within a day.

Picos are not a realistic option for those of us not in the US. Hue dimmers are the cheapest and most widely available here. And I have a lot of them now, as the Hue starter bundle deals that include them have been the cheapest way to buy Hue bulbs recently. I also have about 8 Hue hubs to Ebay as a result.


I thought I had it cracked.....but didn’t.
So I paired dimmers to Hue to make sure they were running the latest firmware. No updates needed but it was worth crossing lingnoff the list.
I changed channels around again (HE on 15 and Hue in 25) and as @Ryan780 suggested, didn’t shutdown HE or anything. With 24 hours everything seemed to be working well.
48 hours later, the dimmer was still paired!
72 hours after channel swapping it all fell apart. Dimmers no longer responding. And I also noticed that some motion sensing devices hadn’t checking in for a while so lighting rules didn’t run.
I’ve since swapped back the channels and now I have both dimmers paired with Hue Bridge. But because Hue Bridge is now HomeKit compatible the dimmers are exposed there and my Automations in HomeKit are carrying the dimmers