Hue Dimmer Integration

@keo - Any chance you can change the GitHub code for the following lines:
19: Button -> PushableButton
28: capability "Button" -> remove (as 'Button' is now 'PushableButton' in HE)

I just installed the driver but kept getting an error regarding'Button'. HE is using PushableButton in replacement to Button from ST

I beleive the hue dimmer is now natively supported by HE. I will change this, but you’ll probably get better support using the default device.

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@Keo oh ok. Lol I just followed the links from the main Hubitat website, tutorials, compatible devices and installed the driver there.

Hi all, I found this driver is not longer working because the Hue Dimmer remotes (That I have at least) all send a regular check-in command every 30 minutes of so. The driver as it stands now interprets the that check-in as an "off command" so it just keeps turning off your lights. It took me ages to figure this out!!

I have edited the driver to fix this issue -- just search this section and change it to this. I basically removed the line that defaulted all other responses to be button push 4 (so the off button and the check in both reported as 4) and just passed through the button push as-is. Now, the check-in is button 0 so just ignore that in your automation and then the actual off button is button 64. I've been using this for several days now without any issue.

// Check if the message comes from the on/off cluster (0x0006 in zigbee) to determine if button was On or Off
if (msg.clusterId == 6) {
	// Original: Command 1 is the zigbee 'on' command, so make that button 1. Else it must be 'off' command, make that button 4.
	// Original: Then create the button press event. All button events with be of type "pushed", not "held".
		// New: button 0 is sent every 30 minutes of so as a "check-in" from the remote. See below for button defenition.
//    	def button = (msg.command == 1 ? 1 : 4) // This defaulted all other pushes to 4 which is incorrect.
		def button = (msg.command) // New: Button 1 = On bottom, Button 64 = Off Button, Button 0 = Status update only
		def result = createEvent(name: "pushed", value: button, descriptionText: "$device.displayName button $button was pushed", isStateChange: true)
    log.debug "Parse returned ${result?.descriptionText}"
    return result

@ablack-utility how’s the driver going with the dimmer? Still not lost connection?

I know I'm super late on this reply, but the button controller has been working flawlessly since I set it up and fixed the button issue.

Hey, I am curious. Does this driver supports Button 1 and Button 4 Hold commands. New official driver does not do that. Thought I know that, at least virtually, that is possible. Hue Swith connected to Hue Bridge and if using All4Hue app, allows for that.

I thought rule machine allowed for hold

For me it, using the official driver, it alows only button 2 and 3 hold. I think 1 and 4 do not have native support, but many apps manage to do it virtually.

Rule Machine does, but the device has to support it in the first place. When Hubitat was writing the driver for the Hue Dimmer (not sure if recent Hue-Bridge-induced firmware updates for the device may have changed it), they did not find that the device sent anything for a hold of buttons 1 and 4, just 2 and 3.

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