Hue Dimmer Integration


@keo - Any chance you can change the GitHub code for the following lines:
19: Button -> PushableButton
28: capability "Button" -> remove (as 'Button' is now 'PushableButton' in HE)

I just installed the driver but kept getting an error regarding'Button'. HE is using PushableButton in replacement to Button from ST


I beleive the hue dimmer is now natively supported by HE. I will change this, but you’ll probably get better support using the default device.


@Keo oh ok. Lol I just followed the links from the main Hubitat website, tutorials, compatible devices and installed the driver there.


Hi all, I found this driver is not longer working because the Hue Dimmer remotes (That I have at least) all send a regular check-in command every 30 minutes of so. The driver as it stands now interprets the that check-in as an "off command" so it just keeps turning off your lights. It took me ages to figure this out!!

I have edited the driver to fix this issue -- just search this section and change it to this. I basically removed the line that defaulted all other responses to be button push 4 (so the off button and the check in both reported as 4) and just passed through the button push as-is. Now, the check-in is button 0 so just ignore that in your automation and then the actual off button is button 64. I've been using this for several days now without any issue.

// Check if the message comes from the on/off cluster (0x0006 in zigbee) to determine if button was On or Off
if (msg.clusterId == 6) {
	// Original: Command 1 is the zigbee 'on' command, so make that button 1. Else it must be 'off' command, make that button 4.
	// Original: Then create the button press event. All button events with be of type "pushed", not "held".
		// New: button 0 is sent every 30 minutes of so as a "check-in" from the remote. See below for button defenition.
//    	def button = (msg.command == 1 ? 1 : 4) // This defaulted all other pushes to 4 which is incorrect.
		def button = (msg.command) // New: Button 1 = On bottom, Button 64 = Off Button, Button 0 = Status update only
		def result = createEvent(name: "pushed", value: button, descriptionText: "$device.displayName button $button was pushed", isStateChange: true)
    log.debug "Parse returned ${result?.descriptionText}"
    return result


@ablack-utility how’s the driver going with the dimmer? Still not lost connection?