Hue Bulbs Randomly Misbehaving

I have two 100W-equivalent soft white-only hue bulbs, directly paired with the hub, and recently they both have begun to - randomly and not in unison - turn off and then back on again, then go to about 20% brightness. At which time, the bulb will become totally unresponsive for several minutes, and then eventually return to its previous state and become responsive again.

I've tried factory resets through the hue app (via bluetooth) to no avail.

I am not seeing any indication of activity with these devices in the logs when this happens, even with debug logs enabled.

Bulbs are on their latest firmware, hub is on the latest firmware.

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What do the logs say when this happens? On their device pages what does it say "in use" by at the bottom? Are the ZLL 1.2 or 3.0 bulbs? What wifi channel is your router on, and what channel is zigbee on within Hubitat? Lastly do you have alexa? If so for giggles turn off hunches. (likely not it but it can't hurt)

Nothing - there's no indication of any activity in the logs when this happens.

They're both in use by a scene, the echo skill, and a dashboard.

I don't know. They're relatively new hue bulbs, here's the device info:


I have four access points in the house, all on different channels. The 2.4GHz stuff is set as wide as it goes, so I'm basically using the entire 2.4ghz wifi spectrum.

The hubitat's zigbee radio is on channel 20.

Yes, hunches have been off for a while (I think they're obnoxious).

I didn't really indicate this in the OP, but ... I don't think this is a hubitat problem, I'd assume the hubitat would log something if it's commanding these lights to do this.

I think it's a problem with the bulbs themselves, and I'm really just looking to see if anyone has had this kind of trouble with hue bulbs before.

They're inexpensive enough, I'm probably just going to buy a couple replacements, despite the fact that I've had them for less than a year!

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Look at this chart. Put your zigbee on 25 and put all your ap's at 11 and under

Personally I'm a fan of the Lifx bulbs.

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Do you happen to have a higher-res version of this? It's difficult to read the text on it.

I'm not sure I am ready to buy that my wifi could be interfering with these bulbs in this specific manner, and only these bulbs, and not causing problems for any other zigbee devices.

I've been hesitant to use wifi devices for home automation when I can avoid it.... I don't have any particular reason for that, however. Those do look pretty nice.

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You can click on it to enlarge now


Wifi does a lot of stuff to zigbee devices if not careful.

100% local , superior brightness and color. Native hubitat integration...

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I haven't read each post closely.... But in addition to checking the logs, you can also check the Events page, including being able to see what triggered an event. Might be worth a look.

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I think you've got a couple of bad bulbs, maybe with a power supply issue. Those are the latest generation of Hue (Zigbee 3.0) so should work fine with Hubitat. I've got around 8-10 of the color version of those with a solid connection to Hubitat (with a bunch of Inovelli Zigbee 3.0 Switches that also help the mesh)

You wouldn't see anything in the logs or events if the bulbs are having this problem. To be completely certain, I'd do a factory reset on them and leave them connected on Bluetooth from your phone and see if they exhibit the same problem.

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That's a good idea. Take them out of the zigbee network entirely. I will try that. I'm also going to only have one of them at a time powered.

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Interestingly, they came out with a firmware update for these bulbs very recently - 1.101.8 - I updated one bulb to that, and I'm going to see if that fixes it before doing more troubleshooting. No release notes yet on their website, and I've got $10 it's "bug fixes and performance improvements" :laughing:


Well that didn't take long. The light began misbehaving again.

I linked it to the app via bluetooth, reset it, verified that hubitat can no longer talk to it, then linked it to the Hue bluetooth app. I'll keep an eye on it.


Well, it's still misbehaving, simply linked to the app via bluetooth and nothing else. I think what we've got here is a bulb gone bad. I'm going to toss it and replace it. Fortunately it's one of the white-only ones, so it's only $20.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions everyone!