Hue bulbs inconsistent (Resolved)

I currently have Hue bulbs installed on the upper floor of my home. Tonight when I got home I upgraded my HE hub and later proceeded upstairs and noticed most of my bulbs never came on by motion, and some that came on didn't turn back off. I rolled back the update and things were still flakey.

I then rebooted my hue hub (Honestly this Hue hub has been solid and this is the first time I have rebooted it since it's install over 6 months ago). Still no change. I could manually control the bulbs from HE but this was also flakey (Taking multiple on and off commands to respond). Now we are getting somewhere. I suspect the mesh at this point (although I have made no changes, doesn't mean my surrounding environment hasn't changed).

I changed the channel on my Hue and Bingo. All my automations immediately began responding as they should. Thankfully Hubitat allows rolling back versions as this allowed for a quick troubleshooting process. I set things back to my last known good state and performed additional troubleshooting from there.

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