Hue bulb status not syncing with dashboards

I am using a dashboard to keep track of the status of our lights when we are away from home, and to occasionally turn some on and off manually.

We have a few Hue bulbs which are integrated into Hubitat through the Hue bridge, and then synced to Google home through Hubitat (not directly through Hue).

On the Dashboard, I am using a "color bulb" tile to represent each Hue bulb

I have found that if Hue runs its own automation, or Google Home controls the Hue bulbs, the dashboard tile does not sync the on/off status correctly. It's beginning to be irritating, and I'm wondering what can I do to make sure the tile always correctly reflects the status of the bulbs?

In the Hue Bridge integration app you can set the polling interval. Adjusting that may help.

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Does the device page in Hubitat show the correct state for the Hue bulbs? Leave the dashboard out of the picture for a second. If so, you have a dashboard problem; if not, you have a device "problem" and the above suggestion is likely to fix it. The default polling interval is 1 minute. The Hue Bridge doesn't have a way to "push" changes to integrations like Hubitat's, so it must poll, but you can configure the interval (I wouldn't go too low unless you need it--less work on the hub and you Bridge).

OK, I've done some testing. Refresh rate is set to 1 minute

  • Controlling lights in the Hue app does not update the status in Hubitat itself, nor on the dashboard
  • Controlling lights in the Google Home app does not update the status in Hubitat itself, nor on the dashboard
  • Refreshing the device in Hubitat does not update the status in Hubitat itself, nor the dashboard
  • Controlling the lights with Hubitat updates the status correctly.

This won't do that; you need to refresh the Hue Bridge device in Hubitat instead. Does that work?

Also, try clicking the gear/cogs/info icon next to your Hue Bridge integration app in Hubitat. What do you see under the "Scheduled Jobs" section? I'm asking because if I had to guess, it sounds like your 1-minute polling interval isn't actually set (you should see something here if it is; my guess is a poll job with a schedule like 13 0/1 * * * ? should be listed (the "13" will be a random number between 0 and 59, but the rest should look like that for a once-per-minute cron job if I'm thinking of this right).

If that's wrong, going into the Hue Bridge integration app, choosing a different interval, hitting Done, then going back in, choosing your desired interval again, and hitting Done again my "reset" this.

Thanks a lot man. I had the exact same issue since setting up my hub 2 weeks ago where refreshing the Hue Bridge was the only way to get it to get the current status. Clicking settings made it clear that even though poll was set to 1 min, it was only doing a poll at midnight. Changing the polling interval, clicking done has finally fixed my issue!

Next issue: One of my hue bulbs only responds about 65% of the time to Hubitat commands. It works pretty much flawlessly in ST. Any thing I can do to fix it?

I'm not sure about that. Are you manipulating a bunch of Hue bulbs at once? The Bridge is rate-limited over HTTP (how most integrations like Hubitat's work), but I think it should eventually catch up. Is this only in apps or does the device page in Hubitat also show these problems if you manually manipulate it there? And I assume the Hue app works fine and it's not just a bulb problem?

I tried changing the interval several times, and it won't poll at all. I also tried relinking the hue bridge.

It just always says this:

Could it be that you link groups only? Try linking at least one individual bulb (any bulb) and see if that helps. I had that same problem before

Yeah, your refresh interval definitely isn't set correctly. I'm not sure what bridgePoll does and we don't have access to the source so I can't say for sure, but all of my actual Bridge/device refreshes are named poll and have a schedule like I described above (the one you screenshotted runs once every 18 hours; my guess is that Hubitat just retrieves some information from the Bridge to make sure it still can find it).

I'd second checking out the advice above. People have noted that refreshing doesn't seem to work at all unless you have at least one bulb selected. And to be clear, I meant more than changing the interval--clicking "Done" between each change, which exits the app, then re-entering to make the second change is likely important. Perhaps you could also keep the Logs open as you do this to see if any errors are thrown.

If you're not using your lights in any automations yet, removing the app would be an alternative to above. Reinstalling might help. But it will also destroy all of your current devices and apps that use them, so that's not for everyone. :slight_smile: