Hue Bulb Name Changes Not Updating to Hubitat


Newbie here with new question (I think). I installed Hue Bridge Integration and all my bulbs appeared in Hubitat. As I started working with Rule Manager it became apparent that my Hub bulb names (entered in the Hue Hub by me) were not specific enough for me to differentiate the name of the individual light from the room name as shown in Hubitat. I went back into Hue hub and changed some of the bulb names to make them more distinguishable. The Hue Hub show the new bulb names. However Hubitat has not updated Hue Integration with the new names. Do I need to remove the Hue Hub integration and reinstall it? I have tried restarting the Hubitat Hub but that didn't pick up the Hue Hub changes. Appreciate any assistance. Love the product. Thanks, Mike


Good question! Have tried the button refresh bulb discovery? Because I just tried and within 2 seconds the name changed.


Frits, thanks for the reply. That fixed the problem for the Hue Bridge Integration but the bulb names within Hubitat's Simple Lighting App remain the original bulb names. I have removed the Hubitat Simple Lighting app then reinstalling it but the original bulb names are still there. For some reason this app appears to hold them in memory and won't release them or update them.


That is correct. You'd have to go to the device page and change the bulb's name there too.


In my experience, there's no value to going into the Hue Bridge integration app after you change a bulb name, unless you're not sure what you've already added. As noted, you'll have to change the bulb name (or label) yourself in Hubitat--which you can make different from Hue (regardless of whether you've changed the name since adding) if you want to. I assume that's why it doesn't automatically update them for you.


Thanks, your advice cured my problems. Really appreciate the help