Hue Bulb "Duration" not Working under setLevel

Hi I have opened a HueBridgeBulbRGBW installed via the native hue app and typed in a level and duration under the set level command, and the duration is ignored?

Yes, the bridge integration does not have duration support.

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So should this not be removed from the driver? Or are you saying you can directly link the bulbs to hubitat and then it becomes relevant?

The only thing that doesn't work, is the duration. Set Level still works just fine.

OK, so the setLevel parameter, must have two variables which is why it's in the driver? Is there a plan to add duration support?

Thanks for your very quick response by the way much appreciated!

Yes, while the hue api does support transition time adjustments the HE drivers do not at this time. It has been requested by myself and others. Hopefully it will be added in the future.

@xap recently ported the app Hue B Smart from ST to HE which does add the ability to use hue scenes. This would allow you to create scenes using variable transition times in HE. You need to create the scenes from a third party app like all4hue (android).

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Great thanks!

You have to remove the HE Hue integration and then install the app, it won't work "side by side".

There is no requirement on the duration, you can leave it blank.