Hue, Bridges, Hubitat advice: multiple rooms/bridges

Hello I have a trivlevel house with three renters as well as myself. I was looking into the following set up. I heard about Hubitat and thought it might be an option to use instead/with? I am hoping someone with Hubitat and a hefty Hue set up could advise me on if this looks right? Would I bypass the renters’ hubs if I have Hubitat? I just don’t want a renter living in room A To be able to control the lights in renter’s room B. But I want all the renters to be able to control lights for the public areas and their rooms. Also, would like to be able to use Alexa to control the lights whereas now Alexa is limited to one hub.

Planned set up:
I am in a Trilevel house with 3 renters. I have 2 hue bridges already (house and master bedroom). However, my plan is to have a total of 6 hue bridges:

1 for each of the bedrooms [4] (so renters and myself have full/private control of the lights in our individual rooms)

1 for first and second floor (don’t have a ton of lights on each and the third floor bridge might not reach to the first floor.

1 for third floor (this floor has the most lights and if/when I get all that I plan it would be near the 50 device capacity. This floor has kitchen/den/great room/deck).

Does this sound like the right route to take?
I know with Alexa you can only have one bridge. I have all the lights from the two bridges I have in Alexa, but it seems to keep mixing up my groups. Any workarounds/ideas for managing and using a set up like this in Alexa?

Your guidance is appreciated! I am new to Hue but already addicted and have a pretty fast growing collection!

Personally, probably not. It sounds like your asking for network troubles and mesh interference. Why not just have one hubitat for all your lamps? Personally i think hue are overrated, I have some and although they are better than some there not as good as the inner, aurora or the NEW ledvance smart + ones (the old Osram ones were not as good as hue).

The reason I say one hubitat for all your lamps is that all of the devices will be under one mesh so it will all help each other and become strong rather than small weak meshes.

In reference to splitting it up to each person you can pin code a dashboard to each tenant. They would all be able to see the others dashboards but not go in to them and make any changes.

That wouldn't matter once on HE as the app would expose them all or just the ones you want. Not sure about multiple accounts on HE though? I'm using GH and you can only have one account with the built in app. But as there is also a community one that could allow more.

O and welcome to the community!!

Thanks I appreciate the insight. My "Master Plan" is to eventually get the "Brilliant" switches and control throughout house - that that will take some time. I don't think HE is integrated with that yet? I do like the idea of the Dashboard and different dashboards. I have already invested a lot in Hue lights, so probably want to stick with them for the lights. With HE i technically wouldn't need any Hue Bridges? I assume you can still do the colors/etc. with them?
With a Tri-level, would I need to worry about range with the HE?

Ok didn't mean get rid of them :rofl: sorry. I just meant you don't need to buy more there are better cheaper stuff out there.

Not heard of theses, do you have a link?

Correct and correct. The only "issue" with lamps are that they don't play nicely with other devices, more so for hue and old Osrams and stuff, the others I mentioned don't seem to have this issue. So what people do is isolate them to a hue bridge but in your case you have loads! So you better option would be to have a hubitat hub dedicated to the old hue lamps (only if you want to also add other devices). So essentially the hubitat will be the "bridge on steroids" for the lamps.

Ideally you want to put the hub on the middle level but with the amount of devices you will have range is probably not going to be issue. Each device will repeat the signals for the further devices.