Hue Bridge

I cannot install the hub bridge as an app.

The hue bridge shows normally in the available app list but does not register when I select/push the "Done" button, nothing happens and the app does not show on the installed list. Other Apps (i.e.,Makor, Getting Started) are installing normally. The Hue and Hubitat Hubs are connected to the main Ethernet switch.

This is a fresh install of hubitat. There are no devices on the Hub yet. I plan to migrate a mature insteon / ISY994i installation to Hubitat and will build a Zwave mesh in a few days. Right now I am trying to link an existing hue bridge to Hubitat as my first activity.

Craig from Lake Forest CA

I assume you're going to Apps > Add Built-In app and choosing "Hue Bridge Integration," then you see something like this:

Is that where "Done" fails you? If so, make sure you're using a compatible browser (recent versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox should all be fine; Internet Explorer and pre-Chromium Edge are two notably problematic browsers). For the fun of it, maybe just try a different browser even if you are using one of those. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, maybe something else is going on. If you keep "Logs" open in another window/tab as you try to do install this app, do you see any odd entries get logged?

Hi thanks, Everything is now up, i am guessing I used firefox...

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