Hue bridge group with dashboard not showing status

I've pulled the hue groups in from the hue bridge then added a tile for this group on the dashboard using the scene template however when i turn it on or the group is turned on nothing is shown on the dashboard it just stays the same. Any ideas?

My memory of the scene tile template is it is designed to activate a scene, but not show status, as a scene is not something typically seen as something that has a status, just that it is activated. You may want to consider a switch template for your tile... Or describe you situation in more detail...

Which Hue driver/integration are you currently using? I recommend CoCoHue: Hue Bridge Integration for its broader featureset.

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ah that would makes sense regarding the scene. So i've changed the template to a bulb and now when i click the button on it comes on however if i turn the group on via hue the button on the dashboard still says off.

to describe what I'm trying to do in more detail is to control a hue light group that's been pulled in from the hue hub and have a button that links to that group on the dashboard that will update its status if its on or off. Should i be doing something else to make this work?

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@LibraSun Cocohue is the way to do this! Thanks

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