How long does it take for hub protect to start working? I signed up a about a full day ago. When i go to backup and restore, i see this under cloud backup

But when I click that it tells me I already have hub protect. Should there be a button to create a cloud backup or something instead of that? Do i have any cloud backups? Planning on updating to today's release but not until I know my backups exist!

Try rebooting the hub (from Settings), then check what you see after that. Sometimes this is necessary for the hub to "see" the new subscription.

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It takes between 24 to 48 hours for the service to be activated. Rebooting the hub as @bertabcd1234 suggested, speeds up the activation period.

Alrighty. I'm gonna be grumpy if my hub dies after I paid and before I get one cloud backup though! :rofl:

I can see that, but at least you'd get a free hub replacement, even tough you wouldn't be able to restore the Z-Wave mesh :slight_smile:

Kinda takes the edge off. Though it would make a nice coaster.