Hubmesh problem

@gopher.ny haven’t seen this reported before, any ideas? May be the difference in versions, but…

I must admit when I saw your hubs are running different software versions my first thought was if changes were made to hub mesh in any updates then there may be a compatibility issues.
My first thing to try would be update your hubs so they are on the latest/same software version.
Just something to eliminate.
Is there a reason you are on old software or just haven't had the need.

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Could you please PM me your hub's id? I'll take a look at the engineering logs on the hub, there probably are more details there.

Edit: yeah, a different software version may make a difference. There was a breaking change early on in hub mesh's development, but I don't recall exactly which version it was.

My C4 is still my main hub. All my automations are on that hub. I have been apprehensive about upgrading and do it very infrequently on the C4. My C5 is more up to date and my C7 is always up to date. I have used Hub Mesh since it was introduced with never a problem. That's the odd thing for me, the C4 and C5 both have been stable and not updated lately so seems odd that they would have a problem with Hub Mesh at this point.

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just notice some my Hub Mesh is down, both hubs are on, both show there are no other hubs on the network. tried disabling and enabling on both to no effect. on thig ive done recently is reboot my main hub


i rebooted the 2nd hub - no effect - i added another device to the mesh from my 2nd hub, and it and everything else came back up on the 1st hub, the 2nd hub is showing on the the 1st hub 'active local hubs' but the 1st dosnt show on the 2nd hibs active hubs list.

could the connection be dropping because the share is only 1 way??

I don't think that's the reason... please try switching both to use TCP instead of UDP under Settings - Hub mesh.

did try that, but nothing showed up. only thing that seemed to fix it was to add another device to the mesh.

hub 1 did its every 2 weeks reboot last night, and current state is hub 2 and devices are showing on hub 1, hub 1 (not sharing anything) isn't showing on hub 2 (dont know if thats by design when not sharing anything)

Yeah, this looks like faulty logic, picking up available hubs based on the list of available shared devices. I'll get that fixed.


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