Hubmesh One hub doesn't see the other

So I have a C5 and C7. Both on the same version. Over the last week the sensors I have on C5(which I have to have on the C5 because they make the C7 freak out and lock up my z-wave network) have been randomly showing up as disabled on the C7. Today they are just not available to the C7 via Hubmesh. The C5 can see the C7 in the Hubmesh settings but the C7 doesn't see the C5 at all. I've run the gambit on normal solutions. Restart the hubs. Shut down and unplug them for 10 minutes. Restated my router. Still the C5 sees the C7 but no the other way around.

Any other ideas?


I can actually share a device from the C7 to the C5 but the C7 doesn't see the C5 on the network.

Did you try switching the communication protocol. That is the suggestion @gopher.ny made when I had hub mesh communication issues.