HubMesh - Cannot control switch from meshed hub

I have been using HubMesh since it was released with my 4 "production" hubs. Basically my Zwave, Zigbee, and LAN hubs are meshed with a Coordinator hub.

I have a Zwave switch that I can operate (turn on and off) directly on my Zwave hub, but the On and Off buttons do NOT work on my Coordinator hub. Rules controlling the switch on the Coordinator hub do also not work. HubMesh is working partly in that the current status of this switch is accurately reflected on the Coordinator hub immediately when the states change.

This has happened before and I deleted the meshed device on the Coordinator hub and recreated it and it started working. But given this is happening again, there is obviously something else going on and I wanted to report the issue.

@gopher.ny any ideas?

Noted, will investigate.

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If you need any more specifics about hubs or switch having issue please let me know. Thanks!

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