Hubitat YouTube Channel

I was wondering though my YouTube feeds last night and thought to myself, I haven't seen any Live streams from the Hubitat team. So I went to the channel and I looked back, and the last live stream they did was in April. Now I totally understand that was right after the US started the National lockdown due to Covid, as well as the mass of Wink users that started to jump ship (One of which was me), plus the recent announcement of the C-7 coming, so I know the HE team has been busy. Is Pete M. and @mike.maxwell, and the rest of the crew planning on getting to doing live steams? I really enjoyed watching the videos and look forward to the monthly updates and tricks you all talk about. Does anyone else enjoy the monthly live streams?



I was wondering the same thing.

Cool.. glad to know I'm not the only one lol

They are preparing for a subscription model wink styleeee :joy:
All seriousness I do miss the web chats they used to have

LOL.. @Shaneb... don't go there lol..
Hopefully after the Wink influx and new hardware release they will start doing them again.. i hope