Hubitat with Z-wave Smartstart Idevices 3-way switch

I have an Idevices 3-way switch. PN IDEVZ01DW Zwave Plus, SmartStart setup capability.
I have been able to setup the device and see it on the dashboard, but I have no ability to control it. A driver is not yet available. I am new to home automation and I am a lot lost here. Is anything being done to support this switch? I really need to know what my options are.

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It sounds like it actually paired with the hub? When it did, what driver (Device Type) did it pair as? (Go to this device's settings page if you aren't sure. It sounds like it paired as "Device" which is what happens when the hub can't decide what driver to use. That doesn't allow any control or function if "Device" is the driver.

A specific driver is not needed for every device. A specific driver is often for an odd combination device, or maybe something that isn't exactly following a standard for some reason. A good example of a specific driver would be a multi-sensor, or a Zooz relay device that incorporates sensors and outputs.

Many devices like yours work just fine with a generic driver, like Generic Zwave Plus Smart Switch or Generic Zwave Plus Central Switch. I am not certain which of the many available generic drivers would work for this particular device.

Have you tried any of the generic Z-wave switch drivers? Did you hit "Configure" after you switched drivers?

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Thank you very much for your response. Using the Generic Z~wave Plus switch driver did the trick. I can now control the switch from both my phone and PC. On to the next step. Scheduling.

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excellent - Thank you very much.


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