Hubitat with Homemade Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensor

Has anyone ever made a 3D printed case for these sensors?

I think they would be fun to experiment with, but my cats would chew them apart the second they saw them. I don't know why they like to chew PCB... Cats, go figure.

I have made some cases for mine. My cats and kids leave them alone.

Just finished reading 542 posts. No parts list. The original designer occasionally makes small batches and offers them for sale via PMs.

Thank you, I actually messaged him a week ago and he said he would ping me when he had some more ready, but I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the case I made.

I have some of his original sensors so there is a chance this will not fit. I do not use the sensors, so I don't care if the light sensor, temps, etc actually work. I just use this as a zigbee gateway.

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Thanks Brian! I'll take a peek this weekend.

I bought a few more routers and decided to redesign the case. I have not printed it yet, but plan to tomorrow. This one was designed in Fusion 360 so it should be much more sleek. I think the dimensions of this router is quite different from my first ones. I could be wrong.

Once I print it I will post some pictures.


That second picture, what's that on the right side ?

BatteryI believe that’s an optional battery back up. So the sensor can be used as a power fail sensor.

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It is a battery.

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Make sure to ping me when you get your next build done!

What build ?

Sorry somehow wrong thread

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Please pm me when you have a unit available

@iharyadi umm is it possible that my temperature sensor might have gone tits-up ??

temperature : 1210.8

It got down to 20F last night

Sounds like you might be on an older version of the driver. Firmware 2.0.5 broke a couple things but it was fixed shortly thereafter; you'd only notice with temperatures below freezing: