Hubitat with Homemade Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensor

It look normal. Your log show other cluster as well like the light sensor. Based on my experience, light sensor fluctuate a bit.

Fyi, If you use filter value of 1, you basically disable filtering.

Did anyone get the illuminance to output lux ?

Mine still shows


Mike's driver shows Lux correctly


You can scale the Illuminance value using @iharyadi’s driver. I use a scaling value of 2.8 which basically outputs values from about 0 to 10000.

Correct ?


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Yes, that’s what i use. It’s definitely not a truly calibrated absolute Lux value, but it at least provides a nice working range to use in automations.

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Thanks !

@iharyadi I'm thinking of putting one out on my patio. Do you have locations on the board that should not be sprayed with waterproof electronic sealant ?

There is a square silver looking sensor that has very small hole. That is the temperature sensor. Please do not coat that sensor.

Which sealant are you using?

This one ?

I use nail polish. It is probably not good for long term. I have not tried a proper sealant. I suppose they will work much better.

I used this on my patio TV 3 years ago. Not 1 problem.

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I also bought this one but haven't used it yet.

And if you want to use a brush instead of sprays use this instead.


@iharyadi where is the light sensor located ? I don't want to cover that either.

There is a glass like sensor next to the zigbee radio opposite to the temperature sensor.

I am thinking about getting the permatex. If it work well, let me know. I rather worried about using the spray.

Is that the one with the 2 copper strips ?

The permatex is the one I would use.

In the picture you posted, it is the sensor at the bottom of the picture, with the U3 or V3 label next to it.

I have had one on my screened in porch for over a year with no special protection measures. It looks like new. No sign of any corrosion whatsoever.

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Yes u3. If the coat is clear, i would actually coat this sensor. There is no restrictions on this one as long as the coat is not colored.

Neither sprays are clear. The first spray dries red. The other I think is yellowish.

Quick question, without reading the 539 posts here, is there a parts list for building this available?

Thanks Again