Hubitat with Fibaro RGBW and dimmer

Still thinking about switching from vera to hubitat.
I see that hubitat is also working with Fibaro switches.
My question is about fibaro dimmer and rgbw controllers which I still dont have.
Will i need to buy a special bulb to make the light dimmable? Also the same about the color light...
If I do, can you recommend me what light bulbs will work the best for it?

I unfortunately can’t speak about Fibaro switches/dimmers.

I personally use Inovelli for most of my dimmers and switches.

It works for most LED lights that are marked as “dimmable”. I think they have a list of those that have been reported to work well.

Inovelli dimmers also support a RGBW light mode that will keep it powered all the time. Rules can then be used to control the light’s color.

Does that help?

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Thanks, I guess it is working the same with fibaro... so all i need is to buy some dimmable light

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