Hubitat Webpage device naming inconsistencies

In leaning the webpage and installing devices I found an inconsistency in naming devices. Not a big deal but annoying to the beginner.

Description of issue:

I have a dimmer in the garage controlling the external flood light.

in Devices:
Name = Ext Garage Flood
Type = Device

In device details:

Device Name = Garage Flood
Device Label = Ext Garage Flood
Type = ZWave dimmer device generic

Also, what is the purpose of the * after some of the field names? I've looked for some sort of footnote but could not find one.


The label trumps the name. This is the same with other platforms like SmartThings. The label is set by what you type in when adding the device. But you can always change it after the fact too.

Regarding the type inconsistency, not sure I follow. My device list type is consistent with the actual type value in the device.

The asterisk means that field is required.


:exclamation: I see now. I wasn't thinking of the label in the correct context. It was surely a "duh" moment for me.

The inconsistency is now gone (nothing to do with the above epiphany). Seems like it just decided to update today.

As for the * it makes sense, again a "duh" moment.

It seems having not come from smartthings so much is new I somethings stop thinking (logically).