Hubitat Weather Help

I have been searching the threads for over a week and trying multiple paths and still stuck.

I tried Hubigraphs (got some nice graphs of my own T&H sensors going) but cant get the weather to work. I have an openweathermap API key and entered it in all the places. I get just a blank preview and tile. I think I am missing some crucial step. Used Hubigraphs to create the tile,

I noticed that the Hubigraph weather driver code was looking to the OneCall from OWM, but i think that needs to change to forecast since i only have a free account? Tried that:

Still nada.

Created a virtual device and its outputting raw data

When i go back into the Weather 2 tile and pick the virtual device it doesnt seem to be pulling the data correctly. Not sure what i am doing wrong here.

tried to pivot to the built in weather tiles, but still cant get the virtual devices to work properly it seems.

Anyone able to help? This is my first time moving outside of the packages components like home monitoring and what not.

Use openweather map... Hubigraphs is no longer supported.,

I was trying to use OpenWeather Map thru Hubigraphs for the graphics. Dark Sky isnt supported anymore either. What are people using for their tiles instead of these two apps these days? Couldn't find an obvious replacement.

I use Wunderground as well as a Tempest Weatherflow...

thanks, side question, see you have a fridge/freezer sensor, what device you using? I was looking for one with a remote probe with the transmitter outside the chest freezer as I have connectivity issues with the puck styles inside the freezer.

It's an iris v2 motion sensor with temp built in. They work extremely well in the fridge. Repace the battery about once a year. In this case the fridge isn't working well but the freezer is. So nothing in the fridge till fixed :stuck_out_tongue: