Hubitat V2 in the UK

Newbie in this forum . Does anyone know or have any idea when or if a newer version of the habitat is reaching UK . Dont really want to have one with a dongle hanging out ... ?

If you don't need Z-wave there is no need for the dongle :slight_smile: I run dongle and Z-wave free, but that might not suit everyone.


Yes, there will be a version of the hub without sticks for the EU/UK
It’s called the C7 but I have no idea when it will be generally available.

Personally, I prefer the C3/4 as I use usb extension leads to put the sticks near the centre of my house and the hub in a rack in the garage.



Luckily where my hubs position is in the centre of the house, so I'm buzzing about the C7 :grinning:. Once that is out I have 4 to buy, 2 for me and 2 for my in-laws.

Just need a seller over here. Could start selling it and a package then :thinking:.

Thanks for this - good idea

Ah, the mythical C7. :wink:

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Having a dongle can help in moving from one hub to another as a backup. I don’t know if there is something clever in the C7 to also support that.

What kit are you using for that, I tried a extension USB cable but it was like the USB stick wasn't getting enough power (it was less than a meter long)

I used an 'amplified' usb extension cable I got from Amazon
Can't remember which one though
I think mine are 5m

Ta shopping time

I'm pretty sure it was this one..

Thanks, dropped it in my basket, if I can go another week without a lock up I'll give it a try