Hubitat unstable for me

Dear Hubitat Users,

Do you experience any issues with the Hubitat lately?
For me this year its a mess.

March'20 - installed Konnected with motion Sensors and everything was working fine. After some time I realized that konnected doesn't change the status of my motion sensors since July'20.

June'19 - installed 2 x Fibaro Smart Implant for my gates to see the status open/close. Was working fine till August'20... Smart Implant stopped changing status.

Now even the rule machine stopped turning on lights at evening.
Resetting hubitat helps with rule machine, but in all the other scenarios it seems that I have to delete the devices and setup them again....

Try a safe shutdown and then disconnect power from the wall side for 60 seconds. Usually see this when the radio is hosed up. That is usually triggered by something on your mesh spamming like zooz 4-1 sensors or power plugs.

Also frequently happens if there is a failed pair on the radio. You can check this by going to settings, zwave details and look for any devices with nothing in the clusters.


Not at all the case for me and many others. Make sure youโ€™re on the lastest platform and you have ruled out Z-Wave mesh issues. I have two hubs running my home and a third that I join experimental devices to. All of it runs day in and out, no issues. All fast. Only slowness I see is from a particular Z-Wave device and itโ€™s a known issue with the device firmware and the particular function in that device.