Hubitat UI Issue When Including S2 Secure Ultraloq Z-Wave

I'm having an odd issue here. Trying to add my new Z-wave Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro. The issue appears to be with the Hubitat UI though. In the inclusion, I get to this point:

I can't click the Skip or Confirm buttons. I can tab to them, but even then, I can't select either one with enter/return. There are no updates available to my hub. I've rebooted, and tried another browser, but have the same issue.

Anyone else seen this?

Quick update. For a workaround, I tried my phone to access the hub. The UI issue wasn't present there. Having other issues with including the devices, but they don't seem to be due to the UI at least.

Can't comment on the UI issue, glad you found a workaround. But if you have been having issues including zwave devices I suggest you pause briefly and check your zwave details page to make sure you have not created ghosts. They can really be a pain.

I found I have created "ghost" entries. Now to the issue of clearing them.

I checked the guide provided by Ulatrloq, and saw this:

They're using an older version of Hubitat it seems, but I never receive the pop up about the security key. I think that's the issue here.

You'd see that second popup if you'd manage to click "Confirm" on what you do see (the popup you see replaces the first one in your screenshot; the defaults are just accepted for you), but it seems like you're having UI issues getting there. Two things might help with that:

  1. What browser are you using? Recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari should all be good. Internet Explorer or pre-Chromium Edge could be (probably "are" for that first one... :rofl: ) problematic. If you're using a supported browser, perhaps there is a fixable problem on Hubitat's side.

  2. Have you tried clearing cache for this site (or the whole browser) or doing a "force reload" on the page and trying again?

I see you've tried two browsers, and it's odd that it would happen in both...but FWIW I wasn't able to see this in my testing (it was an S2 Authenticated device, not S2 Access Control, but I can't imagine that would matter...unless that is the exact issue, ha).

Quick Answer: Issue resolved. I was able to pair it to Hubitat now just fine.

I had to remove the "ghost" entries in the Z-wave section of Hubitat, then tried again, using my phone (Android) and Firefox mobile for the browser. This time the popup displayed asking for the Z-wave PIN. The device initialized up from there, no issue.

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Glad it ended up working for you! "Ghost nodes" shouldn't cause that problem, but they're good to get rid of anyway. :smiley:


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