Hubitat to Broadlink S3

Hello Community

Be kind, this is my first post here.
I'm new to Hubitat (actually Smart home devices too).
My plan is to have the Hubitat as my main control Hub, but in searching for affordable decent light controls I've opted for Broadlink switches.
My question is on how (if possible) to get a connection from the Hubitat to the Broadlink S3 hub.
What I'm hoping to do is to have a means of getting control states and changing control states of the S3 hub light switches.
Idea is to have the ability to change light control for certain senarios (away or via sensors).

Thanks in advance.

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S3 hub is a FastCon driven Wi-Fi smart hub that works with a variety of BroadLink devices, such as wall light switches, motion sensors, door sensors and smart buttons, etc.

  • Works with Alexa/Google Assistant/IFTTT


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I do not know for sure, not owning one, but it does support IFTTT so "worst case" you might be able to link things through that. Or using an Alexa/Google combination.

Looking at it though, they really do not give a lot of details. The fact that it is networked means there IS some sort of protocol they use for communications to/from it... but they are obviously not making that public knowledge. Some people have started trying to look into ways to control it in other systems (HA) but so far nobody appears to have worked it out.

Yeah, I noticed the IFTTT support, from the i though it was a good to go thing.
But like you both say, there's not allot of info flowing from Broadlink on the S3 hub.
I have a very good technical background, but not on these home smart devices.
I'm sure once I've figured out the ways to start integration (probably IFTTT) with this S3 device, I might make some speedy progress.
My question is basically how to start with some sort of basic known IFTTT integration for remote hubs.
Would be nice to get it figured out, these Broadlink light switches seem to tick the right boxes (features/price)

Can I encourage you to rethink this choice?

If you want a good automation experience with Hubitat (or another home automation platform), stick with devices that are directly compatible with that platform.

Any kind of jiggery-pokery involving a third-party cloud (like IFTTT) will add unpredictable automation failures and delays.

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I would of Aaiyar, but these light switches I had before the Hubitat.
I would of preferred just installing some Zigbee compatible switches.
These Broadlink switches all work well on their own HUB (and without it).
With both the Broadlink and Hubitat supporting IFTTT, I figured maybe it's doable and possibly someone has done it before.
But as I'm learning, it sounds like there aren't many too happy with IFTTT and there £££ motivation's.
My idea was to just have a simple (on/off) functionality from the Hubitat to control the states on certain Broadlink switches (light control).

You might want to explore if there's a Home Assistant integration for them. Because, there is a way to integrate Home Assistant devices with Hubitat.