Hubitat Team here is some new C8 fun

Nobody had been out of this door for two and 1/2 hours when. the HSM went off. I looked at the event log and I see these events at the time the HSM went off.

Something on the hub cached a bunch of earlier door opens and closes and then hours later dumped them. I've been hearing door chime and alexa go off during the day for the last few weeks but I couldn't pinpoint what was causing it. now I guess I know. Can someone from the hubitat team explain this issue? also I have .117 on the C8

Not on the Hubitat team, but I had something similar a while back on my C8. I am not sure what caused it, or why it eventually stopped, but in my case I think it was just Zigbee (not Z-wave) devices causing it.

I did find a couple devices where I suspected low batteries, and things did seem to behave better after a battery change. But I don't think that explained everything in my case.

Sorry that is probably not much help, but I can say I have been there and don't want to go back.

Those look like reports generated by the device. I would replace the batteries, or the device itself to see if that helps.