Hubitat subscription


I've cancelled my monthly Remote Admin subscription in order to update it to a yearly plan, but it shows 'Pending Cancellation' and the button to add Remote Admin is not showing up. Any idea when the pending state will go away? At the date of the next renewal?

Could I suggest an 'Change to yearly' or something button for the payment model :smiley: ?

Also a suggestion, could we add company name and VAT number fields for the invoice?


I would create a support case here: Subscriptions – Hubitat Support

I see the drop down menu seems to have options more for warranty but I guess just select Other?

@bobbyD you may want to check that out.

If you log into, then select Subscriptions it will show you an "End Date". That is the date when the subscription changes from "pending cancelation" to "canceled", and then you should be able to upgrade to the yearly plan.

If you don't want to wait until the service expires, you can create a case as @jtp10181 suggested, using the "Other" option and we can terminate your service earlier. Please note that no prorated refund can be issued when a service is terminated early.